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  • This can depend on your specific location and surrounding environmental factors.  It is generally recommended to clean solar panels at least once a year to ensure optimal performance and to maintain your Solar Panel warranty.
  • In some cases biannual cleaning may be required if your panels are tilted less than 10 degrees or if your home experiences excessive accumulation of dirt/pollen particles due to its surrounding environment.

  • Using purified water through a blend of filtration and deionization process gets the best results for spot free cleaning.

  • Onsite Inspection - We'll visually inspect your Solar Panels, wiring and seals before the cleaning process starts and will provide feedback on any issues that may be present ($85 value included in price).
  • Cleaning Process - We only use purified water and our specialist soft brushes are specifically designed to clean Solar Panels.
  • Working At Heights - We have all the safety equipment including harnesses to ensure the job is done safely.
  • Liability Insurance - We are fully insured which provides protection for both your Solar system/Home and peace of mind for you.
  • Service Report - After each clean we'll email you a PDF inspection report to have on file as evidence that your Solar Panels have been professionally cleaned including before and after photos (important to have on hand should you need to do a warranty claim).
  • Experience - Solarman specialises in the supply and installation of Solar systems every week in the Wellington region and we pride ourselves on providing ongoing support/maintenance services to our valued customers.

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Solar Residential Case Studies


First year savings $607.65
Simple ROI 6.49%
Solar Production 2,873.2kWh
Self-Consumption Rate 42%


First year savings $1,013.31
Simple ROI 9.49%
Solar Production 4,203.8kWh
Self-Consumption Rate 58%


First year savings $1,420.55
Simple ROI 11.48%
Solar Production 5,063.46kWh
Self-Consumption Rate 73%

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